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2007-11-02 11:44:49 by Died-Z

Heyho, I've just submit my first "real" song half an hour befor =)
Maybe I will submit in the next 7 days another Project I've finished, but let's see =)

I just wanna add to my comments that I make, that I'm a german student, an maybe I make some faults in this language, but all in all I hope you know what I mean (man, I have a 4 (it's like a D as a mark) in English... I must learn =D)


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2008-01-26 14:26:28

Keep going man!! I like your style of music!! Study hard in English! I just same you, I have lived in Canada about 1 year. Now I am better than before!!He he!! ;)



2008-02-09 12:49:34

Pianoboy ;)

nice work !


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